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trackonrepeat I know I'm super late to this party but this is really such a cozy album, feels like listening to two of your close friends put on an acoustic performance in your home. Favorite track: Apathy At Its Best (I Got Soul).
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Soul is a collection of songs that we feel relate to the subject of the album. Heart warming and hopeful, we recorded these specific songs to help others find that despite the world being at times cold and heartless, we all still have soul.


released November 15, 2013

Erin Magnin - Vocals, violin, & harmonium
Michael Natrin - Vocals, guitar, & harmonica
Shane Palko - Drums
Stefan Wolfe - Bass
Group vocals on Apathy At Its Best and South of the Border: Alyssa Regan, Em McKeever, Sarah Linde, & Stefan Wolfe

Many thanks to Judy and Rob Palkovitz for opening your home to us, for letting us eat cookies, drink coffee, cuddle with your pets, and make loud noises until four in the morning.

Recorded at Supermagic Studios in Landenberg, Pennsylvania.
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Michael Natrin.


all rights reserved



The Honey Badgers Newark, Delaware

Folk/Americana duo based in Delaware. we would love to sing and write and perform for you - contact for any booking/press inquiries


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Track Name: Apathy At Its Best (I Got Soul)
A house is not a home when you're left all alone
I've got too much fight, but not enough plight
I'm runnin' all around , tryin' to hold my ground
Comin' up for air, tryin' to prove I'm not scared

A man should make his mark, not run from the dark
I've got too much bark, and not enough bite
Wastin' all my time, running through all the lines
I don't know how, but one day I'll find

I got soul

I see how things go down, they give you the run around
These unfortunate truths, fall to the ground
Which'll drown us first, the debt or the pride?
Apathy at its best, how long can we hide?

You've captured my mind
But not my heart
Don't call me unkind
I'm just doing my part

You have my head
I've still got heart
By my count
That sets me apart
Track Name: Learning to Be
Oh she’s got a way with words
It’s like lightning and fire and everything in between
True feelings are seen not heard
An innate desire, far from routine
And if you ask me for truth
That’s why I’m singin’ this song, so just follow along

Life can bring the best of us down
Your destination means nothing if you cannot follow through
It’s the simple things that are hardest to learn

Whenever you’re feelin’ blue
I will carry the pain; bare that burden for you
‘Cause everything that you do
Is part of learning who you are

And I’m, learning to be
Now I’m, learning to be
And I’m, finding out
That I, I barely know me
Track Name: In My Heart
I’ve got a little bluebird in my heart
That wants to sing, wants to get out
But I’m too tough for him

There are songs that I would sing
If my memory let me write them out
But I’m too tired for that

And buried deep inside
Of everyone I know
There is something that implies
That we are not alone

And this bird that’s in my heart
Wants to get out, would love to be heard
But I'm too clever for my own good

That bird cannot be free
Until the day that I accept
That we are not what we have been

In my pocket I keep these words,
Written and said by better men
In the hopes that when I’m feeling down
I will read them to myself and remember
What they mean to me
Track Name: Chaos In Whispers
Two birds hang around the top of my tower
Whistling and flapping and flying away
Don’t try and tell me that I’m like the birds
'Cause I’m in a cage and I’ve got no wings

Darling I would change my name to be near you
We’ll side with love instead of contempt
Tell me oh enemy, would you set this bird free
And fly through the rain to the eye of the storm

When our bodies lay melting into one
I felt my shackles fall off
Love is a trust fall from a high balcony
Please say you’ll be there to catch me

Dawn awoke and the sun crashed around us
Sparkled and shone on the smooth of our skin
Chaos in whispers and passion in secret
Kept out of sight, but not out of mind

Sometimes I wonder, why you and me
Was it meant to be sweeter because of the strife
But all that I know is all that I feel
That I would give my world for you
Track Name: Hidden Away
When the birds sing do they think of the notes and the progressions?
When a bell rings does it worry that its tone is too aggressive?

If for 100 heartbeats we could sing like the birds
Boasting and laughing and proud of our words

Oh the sound that could pour from my soul
If only I could let it go

When the waves crash in their chaos the disorder will not obey us
When the wind blows does it notice the voices below it?

If for 100 miles that wind could carry our song
Would our hearts go with it, singing along?

There's a rhythm that runs through our veins
Hidden away 'cause we're just too afraid
To show anyone what we're made of
That our courage will just end in shame
Track Name: Reflection of the Stars
There was a boy
And like every story there was a girl too
Quite simply she said no
Where was he to go?

He said, “maybe if I do better,
Things will work out for me, advantageously”
Set off to gather an army
He hired the best mercenaries

Set off and set up camp
Set down laws and set around fires and stated his desires
Head east and conquer coast to coast
Leaving trails of fire and taking prisoner most

What he found
After conquering all around
Is that the grass is not greener
In any offset town

Then the stars came down

Saw the error of his ways
But much to his dismay
This nine year old boy had already taken over
Most of northern Europe
But with a chocolate factory constructed in every conquered town
He quickly established world peace
Track Name: South of the Border
Well it's summer time and the goin's fine
Gonna head on south down the red line
Ridin' this train wherever it'll go
Gonna see if we can get ourselves down to Mexico

It’s been three long weeks hoppin’ trains
Followed the Mississippi round to New Orleans
Fishin’ for some supper haven’t eaten all day
Can’t buy a proper meal with nothin’ to pay

Hey hey, throw off your fears, be rid of your tears
Leave behind your pain as this train rolls on

Texas heat; New Mexico sky
Watching all them states as they fly by
It’s been a wild ride, I wouldn’t change a thing
Border’s comin’ up, c’mon let’s sing

Why, why, why?

Why are we here? It’s that same old question everywhere we go
Oh woah oh the only difference is we’re South of the Border
You can change where you go but it doesn’t change who you are