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Booth Bay

by The Honey Badgers

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Over My Head 02:50
I said you go down the line To where you said never mind I had no clue That I’d blame you You would think that all we had Was all for naught Yet all was forsaken In this fight against mankind If we are all knowing, Then where are we going? In this search for recognition If we are all knowing, Then where are we going? In this fight against ourselves If you were a dock I would moor My ship to your piers every night I would look forward to coming home Back to Our Bay If you were a bird nesting silent and free I would fly around all day, Bring you just what you need, oh yeah She moves in her own way
Down 02:59
Went down the water late last night Got a 6-pack of nothing gonna fight this fight With you Got nothing to do Drove down the water late last night Got a free-ranging pickup truck and nothing to write About you Got nothing to do Every time we sing the blues Gotta keep it tight gotta make it you Each time I see your shoes You got two left feet watcha gonna do Biked down the water late last night Got a heart full of sorrow wanna fly a kite Please do Got nothin but you Sailed down the water late last night Got high hopes and my hopes let’s make it right Love you Watcha gonna do Walked on water late last night I was dreaming I was thinkin everything just might Be true Finally got you
Adelaide the architect sat drawing on the porch Portraying far off colonies imagined innocently Meaghan the anarchist asked me for a kiss She stole my car I thanked her for the lesson of justice that she taught me This gap between feelings and the fever That brought me to be so enticed by the thought of A life long lived full of love and true contrition, true contrition Amber Constantine drove a doorless Jeep That summer we went surfing and made some violent memories Meaghan the anarchist asked me for a kiss She stole my heart I thanked her for everything that she took from me You stand up for what you believe, and I believe that too Except right now you stand on a mountain of sinking half-baked lies Your antique icicle shop will not turn a profit this year or next Your plan of attack is flawed Jerry the Greyhound driver on the route between me and Denver, Colorado smoked his last cigar He drove that 40-seater off the side of a cliff Outside the town that he called home Because all he ever wanted to do was fly, and his momma said Try, Jerry, try Oh you can fly, Jerry, fly
I been round a decade or two Just long enough to have something to prove That mankind is not that kind Things get / outta hand in the blink of an eye Friends move on and mothers will cry There’s / not much we can do, but move on If you waste away, then what will people say? He had such a heart, too bad it fell apart So hear me now, listen if you may Friends new and old, today is your day If people could do, the nice things that they always wanted to Without being called fools, what a different world this world would be
Appalachee 05:38
The sun is setting On cold calm waters The misty moon lies High in the sky And I have never Seen such a skyline As when I stay at Appalachee I call this home And it feels so right Where the people and trees and stars all sing and feel just right And you’re free from everything until the end of the week, back to workin’ that 9 to 5 Travel back in time just to relive the same life But spend most of it up here It’s the fresh smells and dark forest I wish I could take home It's these cabin walls That make me wonder IF this digital life Is worth the strife This duality they call democracy Feels like a train without an ending
Well it's summer time and the goin's fine Gonna head on south down the red line Ridin' this train wherever it'll go Gonna see if we can get ourselves down to Mexico It’s been three long weeks hoppin’ trains Followed the Mississippi round to New Orleans Fishin’ for some dinner haven’t eaten all day Can’t buy a proper meal with nothin’ to pay Hey hey, throw off your fears, be rid of your tears Leave behind your pain as this train rolls on Texas heat; New Mexico sky Watching all them states as they fly by It’s been a wild ride, I wouldn’t change a thing Border’s comin’ up, c’mon let’s sing Why are we here? It’s that same old question everywhere we go Oh woah oh the only difference is we’re South of the Border You can change where you go but it doesn’t change who you are


The Honey Badgers' debut demo EP. All songs written, recorded, and mixed by Michael Natrin and Erin Magnin, Copyright 2011. Share this music freely ^_^


released November 15, 2011

Recorded in a live studio setting 11/10/11 in the Gore Recital Hall at the Roselle Center for the Arts at the University of Delaware.


all rights reserved



The Honey Badgers Newark, Delaware

Folk/Americana duo based in Delaware. we would love to sing and write and perform for you - contact honeybadgerfolk@gmail.com for any booking/press inquiries


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