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Meet Me

by The Honey Badgers

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Meet Me 03:57
Meet me on the mountaintop Where all our dreams will start Take my hand and see for miles All I wanna see is your smile I've know your name since the early days When chaos reigned and I was always gettin' in my own way We lit a match in a house of hay Deadly but it was so damn warm that cold October day Meet me in the woods backstage This tune is taking shape Maybe we could be something Raise your voice with mine let's see We've circled round this town too many times And now you're pacing round my head for something you can't find Your skin is always beneath my fingertips Even when I'm by myself I taste you on my lips If I leave this town will I ever get back to you? If I lose my way, will you be there to guide me through I'm so scared of getting lost I'm so scared of going blind If I get too far away, for you to see Meet me underneath the tree Meet me in a farmer's field Under a tree we'll kneel Close your eyes and feel the sun Our lives have just begun
Keep Driving 03:46
I wanna drive down endless roads with you I wanna cover coast to coast with you I wanna learn things I don't know 'bout you I wanna make this ground holy with you Let's feel the air on our skin and the music inside our souls Traveling on paths that no one knows Got a full tank of gas and everywhere to go Keep driving down, keep driving down the road Secret places around every turn And unique faces, we've got lots to learn See the moon and the stars, they're putting on a show Keep driving down, keep driving down the road Ohhhh get out of this town Ohhhh as fast as we can Ohhhh fill my mind with new ideas Get the wheels turning again See the sunrise through the cold window Sipping coffee in a world of oak The road is empty but with you I'm not alone (oh no) Keep driving down, keep driving down the road
I've got a compass and a map, Follow the stream, create a path On my way back home to you Oh many days have passed Strive to perfect my craft On my way back home to you Oh and storms I've weathered, bridges I've burned Travellin' 'cross the land Money I've had, riches I've lost It makes you understand You gotta pick your battles wisely young man And I never promise Any thing I can not do Dear I promise That I will always love you After the years fade away We'll be old and gray Still I'll be purely loving you Dear promise me you'll stay Through all adversity Still I'll be surely loving you
Stuck 03:00
Oh I was not expecting, you to save me like this And I know what this is, that I'm just an amateur And it's true, just push through, past any inconsistencies I can't stop wasting time, Oh I've got you on my mind I just keep looping through Stuck on only me and you They don't teach you what to learn, we're stuck and all alone When it's time for your turn, you better know what to say And it's true, just push through, past all these inconsistencies
Willow Hoop 05:36
The mountains in Montana are dark tonight As I drive these winding roads, I can't see far Where are we going, I missed all the signs This highway is lit by only moonlight Shining off the eyes of frightened elk I know that you're sleeping in the backseat But I can't help but feel I'm by myself I'm alone inside a willow hoop around us The horizon holds me everywhere I turn Discord between light and dark surrounds us But as I drive down the mountain, the more I learn The cliffs of the west coast crumble in the rain And I don't look behind me to see what remains But I take a bone white branch to remember this place These redwoods are older than the memory Of the people and the lives that came before All of us are a flash inside this story But we're together here and purposefully formed I'm alive inside a willow hoop around us The horizon holds me everywhere I turn Discord between light and dark surrounds us But as I drive down the mountain, the more I learn Such a shame that you can't know where you fit in Until you get to see everything Feel comfort in your own skin Gravel roads lead to homes so diverse And yet so much the same It's a beautiful world so go and meet Someone new, someone new Someone new, somewhere new Someone new, somewhere new
Halfway between grown and a child I know it all but not who the hell I am Numbers feel like the weight of the ocean Pressing on my shoulders, heavy on my chest Giving me life as it takes away my breath Halfway between north and south Walking from A without knowing B Flat roads and tall grass as far as I can see Home is a trap, sweet with honey Can't step away but can't get back Can't step away but can't get you back Halfway between straight and wild Too scared to look into my own darting eyes A streak of lightning in a button down shirt Burning down cities in a crisp set of slacks Don't get excited but don't you dare relax Halfway between grown and a child Halfway between north and south Halfway between straight and wild Can't go all in but I can't get out Can't go all in but I can't get out Can't go all in but I can't get out
Journey 02:55
Cheer up darling, there is nothing to be down about today It's a miracle that we are still standing, and beauty does surround us Let's journey to the sea Yeah just you and me Let's travel across the world babe Just let your sails unfurl When it's all seen, we'll go around and hit the best parts again See the sights and set down some roots and decide where to begin Let's journey through the trees And keep some honey bees Let's build a place called home When we no longer roam Let's keep a steady pace, I hope we never give up grace Let's always take the time I'll be yours and you'll be mine
Grew up thinking I'd know what I want Once I was out on my own Surely I'd have my own self figured out And know where I'm meant to go Got a job, got a dog, and I got a degree Got a big house full of shit that I don't need I thought that I would know my place in the world by now But it's hard to achieve, when you can't see the finish line The whole world's spinning past me and there's just one thing that's steady I know nothing, but I know that I'm yours tonight Now that I'm older I still don't know much But here's some truth for free I learned that it don't take a hell of a lot To meet our basic needs Got my friends, got my dog, made my own family It's a wide world full of people I could meet I know nothing, but I know that we're here tonight
As One 03:28
Oh baby, been thinkin' a lot about you lately Oh honey, I wanna hold you closely to me, to me I'd like to build a home in your heart and stay there for a while Everything about that sounds perfect to me, to me You know how it feels to feel everything at once Tell me exactly what you mean, you mean Like fire and a choir and a garden in bloom Like wrapping yourself in a blanket cocoon We will sing as one and dance into the sunset Over and over as the days go by watchin' them slowly as I look into your eyes There will be a day when come what may, baby Things get tough, we'll never always have enough but you are everything I need In my dreams we can fly up high Soar around the world not worry when we're gonna die We're always in a hurry let's just slow things down Soak life in right here right now
What if we cursed for the last time the day our child was born, Only feelings can outlast time so let's no more live in scorn This could be, a great reality So let's love like we've got nothing And run like we have to And sing songs that sound like Everything that's true and dear And when I wander through the earth, I still come home to you Every challenge we face; we grow stronger each day What we create, is who we truly are Time and space move on But we stand still like the steel That holds this building up Forged in a fire; attraction burning brighter Than anything that we will ever know So let's love
Drifting heavy on the freeway The moon floats bright behind me One single firework lights the whole Montana sky I've been rolling along underneath it all Driving in a dream Stained with sleep Weighed down by everything I've seen And somehow lifted And somehow lifted Maybe I could close my eyes and still see The peaks and valleys spread before me The curve of the sunrise through my eyelids Lighting up the day


Meet Me is a collection of songs and stories about finding your way, finding yourself, and finding each other. Written on and after a cross-country road trip, Meet Me marks the beginning of a season of risk, adventure, and connection.


released March 15, 2019

All songs written by Erin Magnin & Michael Natrin, BMI.
Recorded at Supermagic Studios in Landenberg, Pennsylvania by Joni Elfers of
Earth Songs Recordings. Mixed and mastered by Patrick Mulrooney.
Album artwork by Katie Yost, Queen of Cheez-Its.

For more information, visit honeybadgerfolk.com
For booking inquiries, contact booking@honeybadgerfolk.com

Erin Magnin: vocals, guitar, violin, glockenspiel, keyboard, electric guitar (2)
Michael Natrin: vocals, guitar, bass (3,4)
Em McKeever: tenor ukulele (5), ukelin (11)
Eric Miller: dobro (3,6), pedal steel (2,6)
Shane Palko: drums (2,6)
Alyssa Regan: background vocals (5), melodica (6)
Evan Stout: drums (1,4,8), tambourine (1), djembe & rain stick (5), cajon (7)
Stefan Wolfe: bass (1,2,6,8), electric guitar (1,6,7,8,11)
Group vocals (1,2,8): Em McKeever, Teresa Mejia, Eric Miller, Shane Palko, & Beth Sargent


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The Honey Badgers Newark, Delaware

Folk/Americana duo based in Delaware. we would love to sing and write and perform for you - contact honeybadgerfolk@gmail.com for any booking/press inquiries


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